“Goodbye, Queen”… Dog pony sent off with a sad expression

picture explanationEmma, ​​a pet pony, watches the funeral procession of the late Queen Elizabeth II of England. [사진 출처 = 연합뉴스]

Two dogs and a pony watched the last steps of the late Queen Elizabeth II of England. In particular, the dogs lowered her tail and gave a sad expression as the Queen’s lorry passed by.

According to the Daily Mail and the BBC on the 19th (local time), the Queen’s funeral was scheduled from early this morning. After the funeral service was held at Westminster Abbey in London, England, on the way to Windsor Castle, where the Queen’s coffin will be placed, the Queen’s pets, Black Pelpony ‘Emma’ and golden Welsh Corgis ‘Mick’ and ‘Sandy’ watched

Emma saw the queen off with a white saddle on her back on a lawn decorated with flowers by mourners. Emma is the pony that Windsor Castle Palace Counsel Terry Pendry mentioned to the press in 2020 as one of her Queen’s favorite animals. The queen, who enjoyed horseback riding during her lifetime, rode her Emma and supported her pony.

Mick and Sandy waited for the carriage to arrive in the courtyard of Windsor Castle. As if sensing her parting with the queen, she dangled her tail and sat quietly with her buttocks on the floor.

Pet dogs 'Mick' and 'Sandy' await the carriage of the late Queen Elizabeth II of England. [로이터 = 연합뉴스]

picture explanationPet dogs ‘Mick’ and ‘Sandy’ await the carriage of the late Queen Elizabeth II of England. [로이터 = 연합뉴스]

Mick and Sandy are puppies given to the Queen by the Queen’s second son, Prince Andrew, last year, when borders were closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. The Queen looked after 30 dogs in her lifetime. She has been known to especially adore her welsh corgi, with her short legs and plump, fluffy ass. At the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games, Daniel Craig, the lead actor of the ‘007 series’, appeared in an audience with her queen at Buckingham Palace, and her dog was also her Welsh Corgi.

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The Queen’s first Welsh Corgi was Susan, given to her by her parents on her 18th birthday. Her Queen’s father, King George VI, also raised her welsh corgi ‘Dookie’. The Queen looked at her descendants in her Susan, and created her royal dog pedigree. She bit her hand and stitched up her wounds in 1991 while stopping her puppies from fighting, but the Queen’s love for her dog never waned.

Mick and Sandy will be escorted by Prince Andrew and former Princess Sarah Ferguson. Prince Andrew and former Princess Ferguson have been living in the same house since their divorce in 1996. Former Prince Ferguson is said to have maintained a close relationship with her queen until recently, including taking her dog for a walk.

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