Goodbye regional card, the app for subsidized petrol arrives

The regional subsidized petrol card will be replaced by an application on the phone. And 40 petrol stations scattered throughout the Friuli Venezia Giulia area will participate in the experimentation of the new Insiel app which will definitively replace the paper regional card for the petrol discount. The specifics for travelers who already use the card, who want to take part in this test, will also be announced shortly. An experience that will last throughout 2023. The new features include the introduction of an extra discount for municipalities located 10 km away from the state border.

The regional councilor for the environment Fabio Scoccimarro presented the new fuel bill approved by the council to the stakeholders. Now the proposal is preparing to go to the committees and then go to the regional council. The standard contains greater flexibility in the event of changes in the price of fuels.