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Finally the WhatsApp development department, the most widespread instant messaging service in the world, has decided to change the policy of access and invitation of groups of people. To date, any user can insert his contacts in the address book into any group without the interested party being informed beforehand.

From now on everything will change, first for iOS users and only later for Android users, so that users can decide if it is the case to be part of a group even before entering it.

WhatsApp is updated: new system invitations in the groups

Enter a group chat without your authorization It is one of the biggest flaws of the platform. That said, the new feature is under development so it will not work perfectly for a while.

When the update will arrive, it will be possible to change the settings of the groups WhatsApp: in the section "Who can add me to groups?" you have to choose between the options "All, My contacts, None". The side note explains well what it means to choose:

"If the administrator can not add you, you will receive an invitation to join the group, which will expire after 72 hours. "

You will have control over who can add you to the groups and privacy settings for each type of chat or message. In addition, WhatsApp is experimenting with a new one status layout. Within the application the states are the same as they appear in the Instagram Stories. In this section you can add fragments of videos, images and text throughout the day.


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