Gogole has an AI that Pixel 3 can use to answer calls for you.

"First of all, in the US in English, Pixel 3's AI on the device helps monitor phone calls and avoid spam calls.

"Imagine you are having dinner with the family or in a meeting at work, and a call from an unknown caller comes in.

Just tap on "on-screen call" to find out who is calling why and other information (if prompted).

& # 39; You will immediately see a transcript of the caller's answers, so you can decide if you want to answer the call by tapping on a short answer (eg & # 39; I'll call you back later & # 39; 39;) or mark the call as spam and fire.

The call screen feature allows the phone to answer calls when telemarketers call. The user can display the real-time transcribed call on the screen of the device

"When you process the call details on the device, it means that these experiences are fast, private, and use less battery."

Pixel users in the US will also be the first to gain access to an experimental new Google Assistant feature with duplex technology that allows users to perform real-time tasks over the phone. For example, call a restaurant to book a table.

This feature will initially be available this year in New York, Atlanta, Phoenix and the San Francisco Bay Area to facilitate the reservation of restaurant reservations and will be rolled out to other US cities in the future.

Google, however, dealt with the concerts that could deceive people.

"As we develop new call technologies, we think it's critical that we help people understand the context of the conversation.

"We will tell companies that have received the call to turn to an automated system, and we've developed spam and abuse protection controls and the ability for a company to refuse to receive calls.

"On the call screen, we also tell the caller that a verification service is in use."


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