Google announced that it is preparing to end Inbox by Gmail at the end of March 2019, explaining that users trying to access Inbox after March will be redirected to Gmail. The company explained that Inbox by Gmail was a place to experiment with ideas Such as delaying emails to a later date, and experimenting with the latest ideas based on artificial intelligence such as intelligent response, gestures and high-priority notifications to help users maintain productivity.

Google introduced Inbox by Gmail as a limited email service by invitation only in October 2014, and it seems that after four years it decided that it no longer needed the service, after learning a lot about how to improve email and move Inbox by Gmail and add it to Gmail to help more than 1 billion people make more emails every day.

The company wants a more focused approach in the future to help bring the best e-mail experience to everyone, including planning to focus only on Gmail and ending Inbox by Gmail at the end of March 2019. The move comes after the search giant announced in April Has announced a redesign of Gmail Mail with the arrival of a host of new features, many of which were first tested as Inbox by Gmail.

Google says that everything in Inbox by Gmail has already been transferred to the new Gmail and later transferred features related to the trips, which brings together groups of emails from services such as flights, hotels, restaurant and car rental.

The new Gmail feature includes "Experimental Features" under Settings, where users can sign up to test new features before they are officially launched. Smart Compose is the first of these features, Google's way of testing new e-mail ideas.

The company has created for those who use Inbox by Gmail instead of the new Gmail transition guide to help them convert, but since Inbox is really just another user interface for Gmail user account, it will not need to transfer anything, and all it has to do is sign in To Gmail and get familiar with the new interface.

In December 2014, Jason Cornwell, the company's design director, responded to a question about whether Inbox would replace Gemel by saying: "In the short term, no. But we hope that in the long run, Inbox is new. That's why we're launching it as a separate product. We're very interested in Gmail users, and we hope everyone wants to use Inbox instead of Gmail. "

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