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Home Business Google describes the US investment of 13 billion US dollars

Google describes the US investment of 13 billion US dollars

The Google Data Center Southland can be seen from the air in Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA on January 4, 2019image rights

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Google is expanding its network of data centers like this one in Iowa

Google plans to spend more than $ 13 billion this year as data centers and offices are built in the United States.

The search giant announced its plans on Wednesday in a blog post. He said the investment would encourage the creation of more than 10,000 construction jobs.

The company will replicate tens of thousands of its workforce and double its presence in countries such as Georgia.

Google's focus on its US investment is concern that business spending in the US is slowing.

Big technology companies like Google have also faced criticism that they have not contributed so much to the economy with jobs, taxes and other support as the corporate giants of earlier eras.

In the post, Google boss Sundar Pichai said that the company hired more than 10,000 people in the US last year and invested $ 9 billion.

This number will increase to $ 13 billion in 2019, with significant expansion in 14 states, including Oklahoma, South Carolina, Ohio and Nebraska.

Google expects the second year in a row to grow outside the Bay Area in 2019, and will be present in 24 out of 50 states, he said.

"I am proud that our presence in the US is growing rapidly," said Pichai.

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Google has announced plans to expand its New York offices to include a new campus

Among the investments highlighted by the company are the previously announced enlargement plans in New York City.

Unlike Amazon, which also wanted to build a New York campus, Google's commitment was not accompanied by a subsidy package – a move that had been praised last year.

However, the growth of the company has sparked controversy elsewhere, with fears of gentrification.

The company's shuttle buses were targeted in San Francisco. Last year, after resisting local activists, plans for offices in a trendy district of Berlin were dropped.

Investments came as Google's parent Alphabet, whose profits more than doubled to more than $ 30 billion last year, while sales increased more than 23% to nearly $ 137 billion.

Despite these gains, investors have questioned Alphabet's rising costs.

The company's investments rose to $ 25.1 billion last year and operating expenses exceeded $ 50 billion.

When asked by financial analysts, Alphabet's Chief Financial Officer said the company remains committed to investing, but spending is likely to "decrease significantly."


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