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Google is working with WordPress to create "Newspack" for local journalism

Although local media are not as well represented in the press as the national press, they play an equally important role in society. Therefore, the decline of local newsrooms in the US in recent years has been a difficult trend. The Google News initiative is now working with WordPress to invest $ 1.2 million to create a "fast, secure and cost-effective publishing system tailored to the needs of small editors," Newspack said.

In recent years, Google has repeatedly reiterated the importance of journalism to the business. The Google News Initiative (BNE) provides funding and creates new publisher-optimized features. The latest project focuses specifically on local newsrooms.

Long-running newspapers have had to reduce headcount and reduce coverage, and reporters trying to publish new digital publications face an endless battle with technical and business issues. For example, it just does not make sense for every team of local reporters to have to invent the right mix of product features, acquire world-class tech and user experience talents, and then turn everything into the perfect tailor-made publishing system. Get their stories to the readers ,

Newspack aims to provide the necessary technological tools for local journalists to focus on "great editorial work". This release platform could include website design, CMS configuration, and trading systems. In addition, Newspack supports existing WordPress plug-ins with "operating fees between $ 1,000 per month and $ 2,000 per month" after launch.

It seeks to help small publishers succeed by integrating best practices into the product and removing distractions that can divert scarce resources. We like to call it an opinionated CMS: It knows the right thing, even if you do not.

Automattic – the parent company of WordPress – will create the platform. Additional donors (Lenfest Institute for Journalism, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and Civil Media) will contribute $ 1 million in addition to the $ 1.2 million.

Google will "advise on the Newspack feature set based on feedback from our extensive contacts with local publishers and provide technical support for integrating Google products."

The development of Newspack will begin in the coming weeks with a global start for publishers, which will take place this year. Earlier applications are now open and a beta release is expected in July.

More about the Google News initiative:

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