Google launches campaign to raise funds for SMEs in the country

Google launches campaign to raise funds for SMEs in the country

In favor of the post-hurricane recovery of Puerto Rico, launched today, Friday, a campaign to raise $ 2 million in donations from the public that will be destined to small and medium enterprises ( SMEs ) from the country.
The spokesman of the initiative will be, nothing more and nothing less, that the dramatist Lin-Manuel Miranda , who will spread the word to its more than 2.30 million followers on Twitter and Facebook.
” Google’s philanthropic arm will double the amount of money raised between June 8 and 20. Our goal, raise $ 4 million between people and the company “He assured Hector Mujica , regional manager of for Latin America.

“For the first time, we make a project outside the framework of rapid response to a natural disaster. And they always take place immediately after the phenomenon and / or humanitarian crisis ” , the spokesman added.
Any contribution can be made through the page . The website collected, as a story, the profiles of several local entrepreneurs nine months of Maria.
In addition, the general manager of Google for Central America and the Caribbean, Giovanni Stella, said: “The campaign continues the framework of Google , support and reinvent the country’s people and SMEs. Local merchants are essential to get up. Our company will support Puerto Rico as much as we can ”
The “Awareness Campaign” will also serve, in some way, to remind internationally that the island is still in recovery after the scourge of the storm, according to Mujica.
Non-profit organizations, Hispanic Federation Y Mercy Corps , will be the beneficiaries of the funds according to the philanthropy that characterizes them. Both entities will promote SMEs that are focused on fishing, agriculture and tourism.
“We support 70 community groups at the local level, Communal Delivery and Service Education Program (P.E.C.E.S) of Humacao is among them. AND n said project, we help in the reconstruction of houses. In addition, we train people and / or micro-businesses in Punta Santiago to survive in the workplace “, Explained the vice president of Hispanic Federation, Frankie Miranda.
For its part, the manager of the Mercy Corps Emergency Program, Karla Peña, replicates the dynamics with 300 local businesses.
The entities identified which SMEs would impact after detailing, after visiting the 78 municipalities, those in need of reconstruction and / or some support to enter into function. The money allocated per company will vary according to the shortcomings. At the moment, they have not detailed the total to receive help.
” Two days after the hurricane, and Googlers donated more than $ 1.5 million in aid to recover the most affected areas by cyclones in the Caribbean. In Puerto Rico, for example, it emerged Project Loon . An initiative – that together with AT & T – offered internet connection in remote areas for November 2017, which benefited 100,000 per month “Recalled Stella, who is based in Colombia.
In Puerto Rico, at the moment, there are no Google offices. The staff that serves the country’s businesses are located in Latin America, in particular, Bogotá and Mexico.
Last Friday, June 1, began the season of hurricanes 2018.

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