Google Launches Wireless Car Feature With Android Auto Application


Google finally launched a long-awaited Android Auto application through wireless connectivity without the need to connect cables between the mobile phone and the car screen. To take advantage of the wireless feature, the car must have a compatible car unit and this feature works only with Pixels and Nexus.
It was possible for users to connect the Android mobile phone to the unit in the car through the connection cable to enjoy all the features provided by the application of Android Auto. Which many have criticized in the era of radio communications. The application allows the user to play all the contents of his phone on the car screen including the ability to call and answer calls and use Google Maps or play audio files or messages messages via voice commands.
Now with the new wireless feature, if you’re using a mobile phone with a pixel, pixel, x2, pixel 2, pixel 2x or Nexus 5x or Nexus 6P, you can do everything wirelessly and automatically as soon as the car is turned on, Mobile phone in your pocket or your bag.
The new units are currently supported only by those of Kenwood and JVC, and other companies are expected to follow the wireless support. Google also announced that the feature has been enabled only in North America so far.
We may see more details at the Google Developers Conference scheduled for next May, in which Google may offer more about its plans for car entertainment systems. Users who are not compatible with the operating units and display with their new car can now download the Android Auto application to take advantage of it as a useful application without taking advantage of the wireless feature.
Although the impact of the new feature will be limited so far due to the limited range of phones that support it and to the compatibility of a limited number of units and display cars with them, but a good step on the road and even a necessary start in the era of wireless communications expanded.

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