Google Maps Launches New Warnings on Radar Sites Google Maps Launches New Warnings on Radar Sites Google Maps Launches New Warnings on Radar Sites , Google Maps launches new warnings on radar sites.

Google News intends to provide a new feature for users of maps, "Google Maps," so that they can know the positions of "radars" and reduce their speed before reaching to avoid traffic violations.

Google is testing a new feature that allows users to report accident or radar locations for use by the company at Google Maps to warn other drivers.

The feature was put on some Android phones, with a + sign in the "bubble talk", in the bottom left corner of the screen, according to the site "Android POLICE".

By clicking on the tag, the user can report accidents or radars. Google then collects data and creates a clear idea of ​​the nature of the traffic in a particular area, but the person must be using navigating mode.

Because this data is being updated significantly, the new feature can alert you to mobile police radars.

Google is likely to rely on the data provided by a group of users for a specific area and then place it on its maps to make sure it is not just false information provided by one user, for example.

Such features are already available on Google's "Wow" application, but will be the first time they will be available on Google Maps.

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