Google modified the terms and conditions of use of the Play Store for application developers, and banned apps for mining cryptocurrencies on that platform.

"We do not support applications that mine cryptocurrencies through devices, but those that manage that activity remotely are allowed," is the text published in the Android Developer Policy Center.

Google justifies this decision on the security and intensive use made by these applications of the processing power of the devices, which cause many to see their capacity reduced and become overheated.

The measure is in accordance with the determination to ban mining extensions of crypto currencies in Chrome.

Protection of children

The technological giant also toughened its child protection policy to emphasize the ban on including adult themes in applications aimed at children.

"Apps that include content that sexualizes minors are subject to immediate removal from the Play Store. Applications aimed at children that contain adult themes are not supported."

"If content is detected with images of child sexual abuse, the relevant authorities will be informed and Google accounts will be removed from all users involved in the distribution of this content."

It also introduced a new policy that prohibits the sale of dangerous products, such as firearms and explosives, and consequently updated its policy on violence, prohibiting applications that represent or facilitate scenes of gratuitous violence or other dangerous activities, as well as preventing terrorist organizations publish applications on Google Play.

On the other hand, spam policies explicitly prohibit repetitive content on the platform.


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