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Google sentenced to pay € 30,000 for unfair terms


The Paris District Court on Wednesday (February 13th) sentenced the Internet giant to pay this sum to the UFC-Que Choisir who had assigned it in 2014. The consumer association accuses Google of creating money. opacity on the use of users' personal data.

It took five years for the high court in Paris to make its decision: the Internet giant Google was sentenced to pay € 30,000 to the UFC-Que Choisir. The consumer association appealed to the Paris District Court in 2014 to ask it to recognize the unfairness or unlawfulness of 209 clauses contained in Google's terms of use and confidentiality rules.

" An abusive clause creates an imbalance between the two parties, here Google and its user, explains Raphaël Bartlomé, legal manager of the UFC-Que Choisir. The opacity created by logging information about what Google does with your personal data is one of them. Not to tell you clearly that their primary purpose is to collect your data for sale and use for advertising purposes is another. "

Personal data: the UFC-What to choose does bend Twitter

Geolocate without a clear agreement

In a statement, the UFC-Que Choisir welcomes this judgment and believes that "Google needs to review its copy and practices", not being able anymore for example "Permanently geolocate its users, deposit cookies or collect information stored on their phones and tablets without real agreement" or "Voluntarily modify the personal data collected or freely disseminate them in commercial advertisements".

Raphaël Bartlomé agrees that consumers have little desire to check as many boxes as clauses on which to agree. "Ideally, by default, we can use the search engine without accepting data collection, says Raphael Bartlomé. And if I do not say "yes" clearly to the general conditions of use, we can not apply them. "

Google, Twitter and Facebook in court

Google has the opportunity to appeal. The American giant is going "Take the time to review the decision and consider (its) next steps", he told AFP, adding that the court's decision "Is about the consumer version of Google +, a service that, as previously announced, will be closed in April this year." And that he seeks to improve "Continually clarity and simplicity" of its conditions of use.

This is not the first time that justice pins a giant of the Internet for its use clauses. In 2014, the UFC-Que Choisir also sued for the same reasons Twitter and Facebook. The first was sentenced in August also to € 30,000 while the procedure concerning Facebook is still ongoing.

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