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Google suspends its relationship with the Chinese brand of smartphones Huawei, user of its Android system

On Wednesday, Huawei, suspected by the United States of being linked to Beijing, was placed on a list of suspicious companies with which US firms can not trade without Washington's approval.

The news will not fail to worry many Huawei smartphone users. Google said Sunday, May 19, that it had suspended business relations with the Chinese company, to comply with a decision of Donald Trump. This calls into question the use by Huawei of the Android operating system, produced by Google, and which equips the majority of smartphones in the world.

Wednesday, the US Department of Commerce had placed Huawei, suspected by the United States of espionage on behalf of China, on a list of suspicious companies from which US companies can trade only after getting a green light authorities.

And Donald Trump has banned US telecommunications networks from buying equipment from foreign companies deemed to be at risk. The potential participation of Huawei, a telecommunications specialist in general, in the deployment of the future 5G network is a source of concern for many countries in addition to the United States.

"We abide by this decree and examine its implications"Google told AFP to justify its decision.

Google will have to stop the activities that involve a transfer of technologies that are not public (that is to say, "open source"), which would force the Chinese manufacturer to use only the "open source" version of 'Android, told AFP a source close to the file. Huawei will no longer be able to access Google's proprietary applications and services, such as Gmail.

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