The Android operating system has many different advantages, but there are also disadvantages. For example, just one application that does not work correctly can force a smartphone to discharge several times faster than it should. As it turned out, the battery life of any mobile device can be extended by as much as 25%, that is, by 1/4, and Google reported this. She also talked about how to increase the autonomy of any smartphone that runs on the Android Pie operating system.

According to the “search giant”, a feature called Adaptive Battery is built into the newest operating system for smartphones, which works right out of the box without the need for additional configuration. However, this software can be improved by using a few tips. Google assures that the autonomy of any phone based on the latest OS can be extended by 20 – 25%, and this is extremely easy to do, and you don’t have to use even some third-party software.

To achieve this effect, you should update the Android operating system to the latest version, and then perform exactly the same actions with all Google software, which is updated through the Google Play store for mobile devices. After that, you should activate the setting called Battery Saver, which activates the transfer of software that is in the background to the freezing state, as happens on iOS when it is not used for more than 5 minutes.

In addition, you should enable automatic brightness control and adaptive power consumption (Adaptive Battery). Due to all this, as they assure Google, the battery life of the smartphone based on Android Pie will increase by 20 – 25%. However, the company warns that you need to be careful with programs that work with GPS. Such applications are not subject to "freezing", that is, if this is running, the phone will be discharged 3 – 5 times faster than it should. Such software should be closed on its own when not in use.

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