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Google Walkout: "We are not just employees, we are owners"

It was an impressive action: more than 20,000 Google employees
and employees around the world slid at 11.10 last Thursday
Watch the work and demonstrate against sexual in front of their offices
Harassment in the workplace. The number comes from the organizers. If you
True, every fifth employee of the Internet group left his office.

The Googlers protested, at least at first sight,
especially against a number: 90 million. With so many dollars to the
Android inventor Andy Rubin 2014 the departure of Google have been sweetened
after being accused of being a colleague with whom he had an affair
Forced to have oral sex (which Rubin denies). This and other cases
were in the previous week of the new York
been uncovered. The so-clean company had apparently unclean
behave and the offender also resigned. "I like to go for 90 million –
Sexual harassment not necessary, "it said accordingly on the
A protest sign from a colleague in San Francisco, "90 million reasons for
Change "on another in New York.

It was a relatively comfortable protest, like everything else
Google: The action was not a wild and risky strike, the Google boss Sundar
Pichai had expressly endorsed them and the department heads
instructed managers to give their employees the short break. In a
He had shown remorsefully to Rundmail: "We hear you," wrote Pichai. "I
commit myself to making progress on a problem that already goes way too
long in our society exists … and yes, also here at Google. "The
Google founder Larry Page had previously been in one of the regular
Friday afternoon gatherings announced, "If only one person on Google
Experiences like they do New York Times-Items
then we are not the company we want to be. "

The power of the employees

Such sounds sound familiar. Self-flagellation seems the key
of the year 2018 of the tech companies. The bosses of
Uber, Twitter and Starbucks had to admit abuses, almost always it was about
sexual misconduct of senior staff.

On Google, the harassment scandals were only the last
Initiate the biggest tech employee demo ever. Several times had in the
Displeasure excited last year: employees criticized
the collaboration between Google and the American
Ministry of Defense – in the project Maven was an artificial intelligence for
developed military drones – and the plans a censored version of the
Google search engine for China
to build. That did not suit many already
2015 officially abolished Google motto do not
be evil
(Do not be angry).

The protest against sexual harassment is not a one-point action against a malady of the past, according to
Confirmation of the company management has long been turned off (Google have in the
48 employees for sexual harassment
dismissed, all without severance package, says Pichai). The organizers, six
Women and a man, set up a list of demands, the management
still busy. These are political demands for American
Conditions are unheard of. It's about transparency, about extended rights and
even a participation of the employees in the management.
The word "co-determination" could enter the American vernacular

So far, it has been a cliché of the tech world in Silicon Valley,
companies lure employees with high salaries
and made their working life as comfortable as possible: with free
Food around the clock, a shuttle bus with Wi-Fi, the ride on the
Working hours, unlimited holidays, free massages for the
stiff female programmer's neck. Not (just) out of philanthropy, but because
Highly skilled workers are scarce and on average every one and a half years
Change job. The protests now show that the staff, despite all the amenities
do not let the thinking buy. "These people are not easy to
replace, and that's why they have significant power, "says Kade Crockford,
which monitors the tech companies for the human rights organization ACLU.



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