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Google will allow the automatic deletion of location and activity data | Technology

Google has taken a step further to respond to the demands of users about privacy. Until now, the activity data on the web or in the applications as well as the location can be deleted manually and choose if you want to be all from 24 hours, a week, a month or always. From a new functionality that will be activated "in the coming weeks", according to the company, this action may be automatic.

Google will allow the automatic deletion of location and activity data

For the search engine, the storage of data of visited pages, used applications or places in which the user has been able to provide "recommendations" or return to the information sought.

This data can be deleted manually by going through the path from Settings to Privacy and Clear navigation data. You can also delete the history from Tools, which is displayed in the upper right corner of the browser, and from

However, users have claimed that all these functions are performed automatically without relying on them remember the roads. With this objective, the search engine will incorporate a new function that will allow the account holder to establish the time limit that the activity and location data can remain stored, which will be between three and 18 months. After the deadline, any information stored will be deleted.

What information does Google keep?

Google saves in the browsing history the activity of any user on the web as well as the exact places where it has been. The search engine also offers the possibility of storing "contacts, calendars, alarms, applications, music, movies, books and other content" as well as the status of the devices and where and when they were connected.

The company also has numerous user information to customize the ads based on the activity on the Internet. It can be set at To avoid seeing personalized Google ads, even if cookies are deleted, a browser add-on can be installed.

In addition, Google uses your voice commands to train automatic recognition in applications that use it. And in the control panel you can see downloaded applications and even the number of active conversations in Gmail.



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