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Google will tell you which assistant features are waiting for us in the near future

During the Google event last Tuesday, the company presented new hardware, including the Pixel 3/3 XL or the Google Home Hub, a smart display with integrated Google Assistant. Even if the presentation was tiring to say the least, a few very interesting pieces of equipment await us in the coming time.

Now Google informs in a recent post about which features we can look forward to with regard to the everywhere implemented Google Assistant, even if basically none of this has not been teased at some point in the run-up.

Let's stay with the Smart Displays, which already have a few. Insofar as the displays also rely on the Google Assistant, the following features will be available within the coming weeks:

  • with multi-room audio, you can add your Smart Display to a speaker and play music throughout the house.
  • with Live Albums from Google PhotosYour Ambient Mode always wants to show off the best photos of your favorite people and pets without you having to curate them. It wants to make sure to pick your best photos, so that receipts, screenshots, duplicates, and blurry photos will not appear on your smart display.
  • with Nest Hello Doorbell, your Smart Display will now show who's at the door when someone rings, and allows you to send quick responses.
  • with Home ViewYou can see and control all of your smart home devices in a single dashboard by swiping down from the top edge of your smart display.

In addition to the multiroom support, I personally find the Home View feature especially interesting. All connected Smart Home devices that are supported by the Assistant are listed here in a smart overview and can be directly accessed from there.

But especially with regard to Android smartphones, Google has already promised us one or the other feature at the previous event, which some of you will be waiting for impatiently (or not).

For example, callers with unknown numbers are to be forwarded to the assistant via the "Screen call" button and have their answers answered automatically. You should be able to read an automatic transcript of the statements of your caller live, according to Google. Allegedly, the feature is already available for all pixels 3 from this month on, the pixels 1 and 2 will probably be supplied with it in November, whereby I suspect that this feature will be slow in this country. Unfortunately Google is not very clear here – as so often.

However, it becomes clearer in the function that caused quite a stir quite some time ago. Back then, Google showed that the assistant should be able to make fully automated reservations in a restaurant, allegedly relatively easily but personally, responding to questions from the other party. How good that really works then, we can certainly read it soon. Because that duplex feature is to become available for Pixel users in New York, Atlanta, Phoenix and the San Francisco Bay Area for the first time towards the end of the yearly.

Again, for all users of the Google Assistants a very different function will appear soon: the so-called event recommendations, you should be able to reach the icon in the upper right corner of your assistant. Here are all important, upcoming upcoming appointments displayed, but also recently created notes or lists. In addition, you can also activate in the settings of the assistant an option with which even with locked device questions such as "Hey Google, what's next on my calendar?" Answered, without first having to unlock the Pixel 3.

Just take a look at the really extensive Google post I used as a source here. Here you will also learn a little more about the new Pixel USB-C Earbuds or the Pixel Stand. Also, there are a few of the coming wellbeing features explained and how you could use them.


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