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Home Tech Google's hardware for 2019 includes a new home, surveillance and surveillance camera

Google's hardware for 2019 includes a new home, surveillance and surveillance camera

Google is reportedly planning to add a few new devices to its Made by Google product line later this year. According to the Japanese publication Nikkei, the company is expected to launch a wide range of new devices later this year, including new smartphones, smart speakers and security cameras.

Most of what Google plans to bring to market this year is already well known, such as the new Pixel 3 Lite line. The company is expected to launch the new Pixel 3 Lite and Pixel 3 XL Lite sometime this spring to compete with Apple's iPhone Xr device. The new Pixel 3 Lite line will allegedly undercut the iPhone Xr. The company is expected to launch the new Pixel 4 line later this year.

In addition to the new pixel phones, Google is apparently working on a new Google Home speaker. Although Google has introduced new Home brand products over the years, the company will be updating the regular Google Home speaker later this year. However, it is not clear what will change in the new home speaker.

The company also plans to launch the new Pixel Watch later this year. This would be useful, considering that Google recently spent $ 40 million on Fossil's smartwatch technology.

Finally, the company is working on a new surveillance camera. Previously, the company was rumored to rename its Nest brand products after the Nest team was integrated with Google. This means that the new surveillance camera could be part of the Google Home brand or possibly continue the Nest brand.

Most of these new products are unlikely to be released until this year, considering that the company will bring new products to market in October. However, when the past year is over, we'll probably get a solid idea of ​​what Google has weeks or even months before the official launch in stores.

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