GoPro launches Hero 9 (5K) at the price of 2399 lei

GoPro launches Hero 9 at the price of 2399 lei. The action camera brings interested upgrades and a new sensor. Teasing for Hero 9 Black started appearing on social media a few weeks ago. I saw pictures showing the new camera, but also short videos.

Compared to Hero 8, Hero 9 comes with interchangeable lens and will have a color control screen. Hero 9 also shoots 5K (5120x2880px) and the camera has 23.6MP. The control screen measures 1.4 inches and the main screen is 2.27 inches.

Hero 9 now comes in a dedicated carrying case. If for the previous models the users had to buy the bag, now they receive it in the price of the product.

GoPro launches Hero 9 – Specifications

  • video 5K
  • Pictures at 20MP with Super Photo
  • a resolution 7 times higher than HD
  • 14.7 MP of details in each frame
  • Photos at 20MP
  • 30 times longer battery life
  • Front LCD screen with touchscreen
  • A camera stabilization like you’ve never seen before – Hypersmooth 3.0
  • Horizon Leveling built-in, inclusiv la 8x slow-motion
  • interchangeable lenses
  • sistem de montare built-in
  • compatible with 40 accessories
  • water resistant to 10 meters
  • very resistant construction
  • compatible with Max Lens Mod for MAX Super View, MAX HyperSmooth, with 360 degree horizon lock,
  • ideal room for vlogging with the help of mods
  • livestream support
  • hyper speed stabilization
  • timewarp 3.0
  • Powertools: duration, hindsight, schedule capture
  • standard 1080, 60fps / 2.7K, 60 fps Super View / Cinematic 4K, 30fps

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