Gordon pokes fun at Samantha Steenwijk

Gordon makes a lot of fun with Samantha Steenwijk. After Samantha took Yvonne Coldeweijer to court because the gossip queen spread untruths about her, Gordon gives another kick.

The weather was beautiful yesterday and that means only one thing for Samantha: she got her horse from the stable and enjoyed a ride outside. “What a calm on this beautiful day!” she wrote with images of her horse.

Before the judge

Samantha has recently lost a lot of pounds and said that horse riding is the miracle cure for her to lose weight. However, Yvonne Coldeweijer did not believe this and accused Samantha of taking illegal diet pills.

Because Samantha never used the pills, she took Yvonne to court. “First of all, this is a blatant lie,” she said in court. “With her lies, Coldeweijer has ensured that I am the source of inspiration for illegal, dangerous pills. Soon there will be someone in intensive care with a brain haemorrhage, for which I am not or do not want to be responsible.”

‘Lose another kilo’

But even though Samantha won the lawsuit, jokes are still being made about the situation. Gordon can’t help but give a sneer when he saw Samantha riding a horse. “Another kilo off,” he responds under Samantha’s post.

Apparently many followers find Gordon’s reaction funny, because he gets hundreds of likes. ,,I was just about to post the same comment!”, someone responds with a laugh. And another: “I find this humorous.”