“Got fat”: Ed Sheeran complains about large US portions

Ed Sheeran (30) just can’t say no to pizza, fries and the like! The Briton is celebrated for his music not only in his home country, but all over the world. For this reason, he is often drawn across the pond on his concert tours – to the USA. Now betrayed Ed but that he found it particularly difficult to watch his weight in the States: The American delicacies were too tempting and the portions too big.

“I got fat,” the singer recalled “Off Menu”-Podcast on extended stays in the fast food paradise. Actually, he only ever ate pizza and french fries, but discovered so many more delicacies on his travels. The 30-year-old wanted to immerse himself in the culinary world of other countries and try everything. In America in particular, it was particularly difficult for his fitness – because: Ed leaves nothing on his plate as a matter of principle. “We’ve never wasted anything – and that’s the problem with eating in America: the portion sizes are huge.” For the future, he has therefore decided to ask for half a portion directly.

But it didn’t stop with just one food trauma for the world star in the USA. He was also invited to an ice cream eating contest by his colleague Taylor Swift (31). Unfortunately, at the time, he decided to use gummy bears as a topping – and later regretted it. “After I finished everyone was cheering, but I ran to the bathroom and spat ice cream out of every opening – chocolate ice cream came out of my nose and spread all over the floor.”, he described his disturbing experience with the dessert.

Ed Sheeran im September 2021
Ed Sheeran, singer
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