“Got U” is similar to Jay Park’s new song prelude Chen Zhuoxian clarifies with evidence (23:10) – 20220510 – SHOWBIZ

MIRROR member Chen Zhuoxian (Ian) has released two songs this year. In February, he released “Stay One Day to Breathe With You”. Last Thursday (May 5), he released his second Taiwanese song “Got U”, which was less than a week away. , YouTube on-demand exceeded 3 million, and the results were not bad. Ian is a singer-songwriter, and he collaborated with T-Ma on the composition and arrangement of “Got U”. However, some netizens questioned that “Got U” is a plagiarism of Jay Park’s new song “GANADARA” (Feat. IU), saying that the introduction of the two songs is very similar.

Ian responded to the suspected plagiarism of the work with action. He uploaded the demo of “Got U” dynamically on Ig for a limited time. The production date was December 16 last year. The prelude was broadcast, and he was accused of the part of “GANADARA”. As for “GANADARA”, which was only launched in March this year, Ian gave evidence to clarify for himself. Originally, “Got U” was launched on Valentine’s Day, which was released earlier than “GANADARA”, but “Stay One Day to Breathe With You” was later scheduled to be the first hit in 2022. Ian’s friend, Pan Yuqian, held the injustice, “The Demo was written 5 months ago, and everyone has to copy a song that was released a month ago, unless there is a time machine.”

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