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Gout is diagnosed late, is not well controlled and is not monitored regularly



The drop It is a very common condition caused by deposits of crystals of uric acid (also known as urate) in the joints, which leads to inflammation. Also, the periods of time in which the symptoms of gout appear are called outbreaks. These can be unpredictable and debilitating, and they develop for a few hours causing severe pain in the joints.

However, according to a pan-European survey of 14 countries carried out by the European League against Rheumatism (EULAR), gout it is diagnosed lateIt is not well controlled and is not controlled regularly.

Despite this, eight out of ten patients say they are satisfied with their treatment. The survey included patients with gout and found that a quarter was not diagnosed until they had four or more outbreaks. In addition, more than 70% had eruptions in the last year (one third of them had more than three).

Similarly, less than half were monitored for uric acid in serum two or more times a year and 59% did not have regular follow-up appointments. Despite this, eight out of ten patients said they were satisfied with their current treatment and did not expect better management of their disease.

In addition, the results suggest that General practitioners are those who are mainly involved in diagnosing the disease in front of rheumatologists (73% vs. 8%), in the discussion of gout (68% vs. 15%) and in the treatment of the last exacerbation of gout (59% vs. 11%).

"Our results show that, throughout Europe, gout has a significant impact on the lives of patients and their families," said Marc de Meulemeester, general practitioner in Belgium. However, "although it is easy to treat, there are significant gaps in the current management of gout. "

Similarly, the results also revealed that more than three-quarters of patients suffered from comorbidities such as high blood pressure (52%), high cholesterol (41%) and type II diabetes (23%). Regarding treatment, 58% received therapies to reduce uric acid, 43% analgesics, 25% colchicine, 13% non-medical pain relief and 12% corticosteroids.

"Gout is a disabling condition with an increasing incidence throughout Europe," explained the president of the Abstract Selection Committee of EULAR, John D. Isaacs. In addition, he concluded that "it is very disappointing to see that, despite effective treatments, gout is being managed suboptimally and the patients are suffering as a result»

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