Ned Lamont will be the next governor of Connecticut. He will beat Republican Bob Stefanowski with a coalition of city and suburban voters as a democratic wave pervades the state.

At a lunchtime press conference at Dunkin Donuts Park in Hartford on Wednesday, Lamont said he wanted to "say thank you he had a lot of friends … we had the biggest involvement in recent history."

Lamont said he received a "merciful" phone call from Stefanowski and promised to work with his former opponent.

"We both said we were meeting," Lamont said. "He will do anything to help us. Thank you, Bob. "

Lamont promised to build a coalition between parties and interest groups to solve the immense fiscal problems of the state.

"I want to have work there. I want to have business manager there. I want Democrats there. I want republicans there, "Lamont said. "We will solve this problem together."

Stefanowski gave the race to the governor on Wednesday morning, after Lamont was forced from the cities of the state late to win

"A few moments ago, I called Ned Lamont to cash in on the governor's race and congratulate him on a hard-fought victory," Stefanowski said in a statement released shortly after 9am from his office. "I wish both Ned and the state Connecticut success over the next four years."

"While this is not the result we had hoped for, I am glad that we were able to draw so much attention to the tax burden in this state. Think about it – at the beginning of this race, we focused on cutting taxes, while other candidates talked about raising taxes. We were able to arrange the discussion in such a way that the other candidates slowly came to the same conclusion to different degrees. "

Unofficial results showed that Lamont made nearly 18,000 votes to Stefanowski with 94 per cent of government coverage, according to the state secretary.

Stefanowski spoke to reporters at a Rocky Hill hotel on Wednesday, congratulating Lamont and offering him all the help he needed.

"After a long campaign, he could not have been friendlier, and I could not be more thankful," Lamont said in a statement. "I look forward to working with him because we must all come together – regardless of the party – to solve the greatest challenges of our state.

"I am humble and I want every inhabitant to know how grateful I am for this extraordinary honor. Every day, honestly and thoughtfully, I will work to bring this condition forward and become a Connecticut champion. "

Lamont plans make comments at noon at Dunkin 'Donuts Park.

In the reply, Stefanowski said "the margin was large enough" to give Lamont victory. Problems with registering voters on the same day are not significant enough to change the race. "It's not enough to change the result."

Unofficial results showed that Lamont made nearly 18,000 votes to Stefanowski with 94 per cent of government coverage, according to the state secretary.

"I got the most votes from a Republican in Connecticut history, but they really got the vote," Stefanowski told reporters on Tuesday's turnout. Turnout exceeded participation in 2014 and 2010.

Lamont wore Bridgeport, the city's most populous city, with 15,931 votes, and Hartford with 17,338 votes, according to unofficial results published on the Secretary of State's website early in the morning.

In New Haven, only 20 percent of districts had reported results at 9 o'clock in the morning, with Lamont having a lead of 6,616 votes.

By 9:00 am, all 169 states in the state, with the exception of New Haven and Middlebury, had submitted full votes to Secretary of the State Office, and Lamont maintained a comfortable lead.

The results from Middlebury were reported by the Associated Press and showed Stefanowski a small margin, but not nearly close enough to overcome the outstanding votes for Lamont in New Haven.

"Good things come to those who wait, and things look great!" Said Susan Bysiewicz, Lamont's running colleague, in a Facebook post after 6 pm Wednesday. "Thanks for working hard to get the results right. We are excited and thankful. I'm proud to be part of this ride with Ned Lamont! "

For much of the night, the election results were elusive. The two candidates had commercial advantages as the votes came from the districts of Connecticut.

Lamont campaign manager Marc Bradley got up at 1:10 am and told a few dozen Hartford Democratic followers that the vote count had been delayed, but "if the votes are counted, we are confident that Ned Lamont this will be the next governor of Connecticut. "

At 1:30 in the morning of the party's election night in Rocky Hill, the chairman of the GOP government, J.R. Romano, stepped onto a podium and promised to fight possible irregularities.

"Unfortunately, the results will be rejected tonight," said Romano. "For some reason, several cities are holding ballots. I want you all to know that the Republican Party of Connecticut and Bob's campaign are on top. "

The drama that took place in the governor's race came to a big night for the Democrats, who swept away a number of established GOP legislators. Losses included Sen. Toni Boucher, R-Wilton; Senator Len Suzio, R-Meriden; and Rep. Mike Bocchino, the first Greenwich Republican to lose a home race since 1912.

Voter participation in this election has been the strongest memory recently, Secretary of State Denise Merrill said, predicting that it would favor Democrats, including Lamont.

"I think it's coming up to us," said Merrill, a Democrat who led in her own race against Republican Susan Chapman.

According to Merrill, thousands of wet ballots may need to be counted by hand.

"We tell them," Get your hair dryer out, "Merrill said.

Nevertheless, she assured the Democrats gathered at Dunkin Donuts Park that the election results for Lamont and the rest of the ticket would be "great."

The Republicans filed a court order to disqualify Applicants' votes on the same day in New Haven and Mansfield, which stood in line when the elections closed at 20.00. But still waiting for the processing of their applications. UConn is part of the Storrs section of Mansfield.

Stefanowski repeated that he would reject any legal challenge. The votes were not enough to overcome Lamont's leadership on Wednesday morning.

As part of a referendum on President Donald Trump against Governor Dannel P. Malloy, the contest was one of the most competitive in the nation, with out-of-State candidates and groups overflowing television advertising and mailboxes with multi-million dollar attacks.

Lamont, a telecommunications magnate from Greenwich, tried to avenge his two previous losses in the nationwide elections – he ran for the US Senate in 2006 and the governor in 2010.

Stefanowski, a political outsider and former UBS executive, tried to break the blue wave of the Trump opposition and became the first Republican to have been elected to national office for twelve years.

The final result was clouded when the former CEO of MetroHartford Alliance applied for the petition Oz Griebel, who faced growing pressure from Democrats in the last week of the campaign to quit the race and support Lamont. With 4 percent of the votes Griebel collected at 21:45 clock.

"Thanks a lot, thanks a little bit, but to all who started in December … it has been a tremendous effort for many of you in this room," Griebel said at a meeting in Hartford. "Obviously, the results are far from what I expected them to be. In that sense, if you take into account everything that you put into it, you really feel a real disappointment if you do not lead a card to victory today. "

Lamont, accompanied by his wife Annie Lamont and the couple's three children, took his ballot just after 10 am at Greenwich High School.

Democrats who have met Lamont since he was a Chosen One in the late 1980s, wished him all the best in his third national election.

"I am shocked that he is not a failure," said Richard Bergstresser, a former Chosen One. "But I think that's the result of his adversary's negative campaign."

Bergstresser mocked the Republicans' attempt to bind Lamont to Malloy, whose job approval rating is among the worst in the nation. The established operator does not aim for a third term.

"It's the typical republican fantasy," he said. "They are both very different. They made Malloy Bogeyman. "

Lamont contributed at least $ 13 million of his personal assets to his campaign, where he introduced himself as a pro-business democrat, granting SME tax breaks and promoting Connecticut for businesses. He won 168 out of 169 municipalities in the August pre-election against the mayor of Bridgeport, Joe Ganim, who spent seven years in federal jail for public corruption.

Stefanowski won a five-way game against veteran Republicans like Mark Boughton and Tim Herbst as well as hedge fund mogul David Stemerman. He skipped four out of five debates organized by the Connecticut GOP before the nationwide congress, where he voted on the approval.

With $ 7.5 million in Republican Gov. Governorate spending, Stefanowski tried to convince voters that Lamont would raise taxes, levy highway tolls, and make the unions kowtow.


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