Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018

Governance of l’unemployment insurance : the two paths of reform according to Terra Nova


At the beginning of the election campaign, Emmanuel Macron does not go by four paths, promising a state takeover, pure and simple, of the unemployment insurance . Even before being elected, he had begun to soften his speech. So much the better, said the foundation Terra Nova. This think-tank close to the left judge such a state ” neither necessary, nor free of risks and excesses “ in the note that he published this Wednesday, where he is sifting out the various scenarios for reform of the governance of the unemployment insurance.

” Nothing guarantees that the State, alone at the controls […] would manage the system in strategist, maîtriserait its main financial balances in the framework of a system of clear decision making, to produce effective regulation, and whose management would be optimal in terms of the means “, write the authors of the note, Thomas Audigé and Stone Ramain, former members of cabinets of the previous quinquennium. the ” Worse yet would be a form of tripartism facade, where the State will get the balance of decisions “, they add, emphasizing in particular the risk of a de-legitimate the decisions taken.

Two scenarios

Terra Nova offers two scenarios, between which the think-tank refuses to choose to reform effectively the unemployment insurance : ” Place the current ideas of parity in a system that is more strongly regulated by the State “ or set a ” tripartism ” balanced “. In the first case, the social partners would continue to define the rules of the unemployment insurance, but it would be for the State to formalize the framework, whereas today, it is not supposed to intervene only ex-post, agreeing or not the agreement after the agreement between employers and trade unions.

The government would define the ” the objectives and main principles ” to implement, but also “ financial framework “ the upstream discussions of the trading via a ” framing document “, like what exists already for the negotiations on employment and training. The social partners would then have three months to negotiate.

” Tripartism ” balanced “

The other option, proposed by the Terra Nova is that of a ” tripartism ” balanced “. This second scenario would be radical, since he would sign the death of the Unedic. Would be created a “tripartite Commission unemployment insurance ” composed of an equal number of representatives of the State and representatives of the social partners (half employers and half unions), and chaired by the minister of Labour. It is this commission that would set the regulation not only of the regime of unemployment Insurance, but also of the solidarity scheme is currently being managed by the State alone and which occurs after exhaustion of rights calculated by the national association.

The commission would take care also of the funding of the two plans, as well as the modalities of control of the job search and benefit from the Pôle emploi. To avoid that the public authorities do not always have the last word, would have been established, a form of right of veto on any reform in case of opposition of two-thirds of the social partners members of the tripartite Commission.

” Neither of the two options proposed is not perfect “, admits Terra Nova, which reminds us that the effectiveness of ” will depend on the ability to register in the law of mechanisms to contain the drift potential of the players “. , the social Partners, but also State…

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