Government aims to vaccinate children over 3 years old against covid this year – Health

Speaking to BLU Radio, Health Minister Fernando Ruíz revealed that the Government’s plans are to apply this year vaccines against covid-19 children from 3 to 6 years old in Colombia.

“Our aspiration is that 3-year-olds are vaccinated this year. We are awaiting the respective decisions, ”Ruíz told the station, reiterating that the beginning of said Covid vaccination for children in Colombia it will depend on the vaccination authorizations by Invima.

We are very concerned because, despite the vaccination of teachers, there are restrictions in schools

“We had a work session last Monday with him Invima“, revealed the Minister Ruíz, where the request of the farmacéutica Sinovac to start vaccinating 3-year-olds. This company has requested that the emergency permit for said population be extended.

“We are very concerned because, despite the vaccination of teachers, there are restrictions in schools (due to the lack of vaccination in children) and we want that next year there will be presence total in education, “said Ruíz.

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In this sense, for children over 3 years old “Our aspiration is for them to be vaccinated this year,” Ruíz confirmed. “What we are waiting for are the definitive decisions of Invima to start,” he concluded.

This minor, in the Plaza de los Artesanos, in Bogotá, was one of the first between 12 and 14 years to be vaccinated.


Héctor Fabio Zamora – THE TIME

Recently, the Council of Experts in Colombia, made up of the Colombian Society of Pediatrics, the Colombian Association of Infectology and the Colombian Association of Immunology, issued a document recommending vaccination in children.

“The benefits of vaccination against preventable diseases in children are undeniable, they reduce the burden of disease, hospitalization and death,” said the Council.

Finally, the Minister of Health clarified that the objective is that by next year there will be a full presence in the educational institutions: from elementary school to universities.

So far, the Government has authorization from Invima for the vaccination of minors between 6 and 11 years old. “Given the accumulated experience in vaccination against the virus and the advancement of the vaccination plan in Colombia, the beginning of vaccination in the population between 6 and 12 years of age should be considered,” the experts assured.

It is expected that with the expansion of vaccination schemes, the impacts on mental, physical and social health that the pandemic has had on minors will be reduced.

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