Government, Calenda attacks Giuseppe Conte: “The M5s choose whether to stay inside or outside. Ultimatum of the unbearable former premier”

“A government that has received the trust of the parliament made up of elected officials, and this trust has also been given by the M5s, is a government that has a full popular mandate. Draghi’s line is clear and he also expressed it in the USA: seeking a ceasefire, no claim to remove Putin, no escalation. M5s must choose whether to stay outside or inside the government, this sort of penultimatum of Conte is unbearable and not very serious. There are two adults who govern and some kids who try to collect four votes in the fringes of dissent but without having the courage to pull the plug on the government. Early voting? It seems to me the right moment to definitively sink the country “. She stated it Carlo Calenda to the chroniclers on the sidelines of the General States of the birth rate in Rome, in reference to the statements by the leader of the M5s Conte on arms in Ukraine.

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