Government clarifies that Madrid-Asunción flight is a private initiative

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From the Inter-institutional Coordination Center (CCI), in support of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare to face the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), they reported that the Madrid-Asunción flight scheduled for June 4 is a private initiative and It is not managed or administered by the National Government.

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Meanwhile, they detailed that the private sector initiatives to manage commercial flights to Paraguay or from the country are processed before the competent authorities, with the knowledge of the JRC for the pertinent purposes.

Likewise, they indicated that the flights in this context should be made known to the nationals who are abroad and to the general public, with the clarification that they are purely private initiatives and not humanitarian flights.

In the same way, they asserted that all travelers entering the national territory must comply with all sanitary measures and in particular with the mandatory quarantine in the shelters and / or hotels enabled for this purpose.

The clarification is given in the context of criticism from compatriots stranded in different countries in Europe and waiting for a humanitarian flight.

The advisory minister for International Affairs, Federico González Franco, clarified during a press conference that all the flights that arrived in the country so far were fully covered by the National Government.

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In this sense, he said that the State covers all the costs of humanitarian flights and in some cases, being very high, the governments of other countries also collaborate to take their compatriots back from Paraguay.

Among other things, he said that there is a third source that occurs with a percentage of compatriots who have the capacity to cover their tickets.

Likewise, he said that the Madrid-Asunción flight took place through an initiative of diplomatic authorities from European countries, who contacted the national authorities to be able to take their fellow citizens from Paraguay to Europe.

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On the point, he mentioned that the flight was going to come empty, so compatriots were offered, through a travel agency, the possibility of joining it.

Finally, he maintained that the Government has no direct participation and is independent of any other management it performs, in addition to not being classified as a humanitarian flight.



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