Government Disbursed Salaries of 13 Civil Servants Starting Today

The government will disburse the salaries of the 13 civil servants (PNS) starting today, Monday (10/8). Payment of the 13th salary will be carried out in stages during August 2020.

Director General of Treasury at the Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) Andin Hadiyanto said the mechanism for paying the 13th salary would be the same as the provision of holiday allowances. “The work unit submitted to the Ministry of Finance to be paid,” said Andin to, Monday (10/8).

According to him, there have been several work units that have proposed the disbursement of the 13th salary. However, he did not want to reveal the number of the work unit.

The reason is, the number of work units that have proposed the 13th salary disbursement is still moving. “I’ll be there tonight update yes, “he said.

Previously, President Joko Widodo issued Government Regulation Number 44 of 2020 which regulates the payment of the 13th salary to civil servants, members of the TNI and Polri, non-PNS government employees, and retired recipients. The salary for the 13 civil servants is planned to be paid in the middle of this month.

“As much as one month’s income from one month’s salary in July and the budget is borne by the agencies or institutions where civil servants, TNI soldiers, or members of the Police work,” wrote the PP, signed by Jokowi on Friday (7/8).

The fixed salary referred to at most includes the basic salary, family allowance, and occupational allowance or general allowance.

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The PP also emphasizes that a thirteenth salary, pension, allowances, or income are not given to state officials, including the president and vice president. Then the ministers, high-ranking officials and members of the DPR and MPR, regional heads, and state officials at the level above echelon 3.

The government has allocated a budget of Rp 28.5 trillion to pay the 13th salaries. The budget consists of the APBN for salaries and allowances attached to the central ASN salary of IDR 6.73 trillion, the 13th pension fund IDR 7.86 trillion, and IDR 13.89 trillion APBD for regional ASN.

Minister for Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform Tjahjo Kumolo said that 4.1 million people will receive the 13th salary, including 101,149 administrators or echelon 3, 327,915 supervisors or echelon 4, 14,989 echelon V people, positions general functional as many as 1.6 million people, and technical functional positions such as teachers, extension agents, and doctors as many as 2.1 million people.