Government of Malta Seeks Fossil Shark Teeth Presented to Prince George

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Prince George (left) looks enthusiastic and curious when receiving a gift in the form of a shark tooth fossil from David Attenborough, Sunday (27/9/2020) (Source: Kensington Palace)

VALLETTA, KOMPAS.TV – The Maltese government says it will try to retrieve the shark tooth fossil given to Prince George, by veteran broadcaster and naturalist David Attenborough.

Attenborough discovered the fossil while on vacation to Malta, an island in the Mediterranean, in the 1960s.

Culture Minister Jose Herrera said he would “pick up the ball” to get the fossil, for display at the Malta museum.

“There are some important natural heritage artifacts, but they end up abroad. Artifacts like this deserve to be taken back,” he told Times of Malta.

The fossil, believed to be about 3 million years old, contains the teeth of an extinct giant shark species. This giant shark can grow to 16 meters, about three times the size of the modern great white shark.

Attenborough, 94 years old, presented the fossil to Prince George while watching his new documentary in person at Kensington Palace, Sunday (27/9/2020).

Photos released by Kensington Palace over the weekend show Prince George, Prince William’s 7-year-old first son looking curious when he saw the fossil.


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