Government of São Paulo announces new group for flu vaccination – Jornal O Imparcial

Teachers from public and private schools, indigenous people, people with disabilities and people with comorbidities are the next target audiences for the flu vaccination campaign, as announced by the State Government. The immunization plan already included health professionals, the elderly, children from six months to under five years old, pregnant and postpartum women.

The campaign’s goal is to immunize 90% of the target audiences. However, only 40% of people in the advertised groups received the immunizer, about 5.1 million. In some cases, coverage is less than 20%. Vaccination numbers still have less than 20% of vaccinated children, pregnant and postpartum women.

“With lower temperatures, Influenza can evolve into more serious cases, so it is essential that everyone attends the posts to be vaccinated”, explains the Director of Immunization of the Secretariat, Nubia Araújo.

Only 357,400 doses were administered to children (13.5% vaccination coverage), 24,700 to pregnant women (6%), 535,800 to health professionals (34.5%), 3,600 in postpartum women (5.3%) and 4.1 million in the elderly (45.1%). The Butantã Institute vaccine is trivalent, composed of the Darwin subtype H1N1, Strain B and H3N2 viruses.

The last stage of the campaign begins on May 16, covering professionals from the security and rescue forces, armed forces, prison system employees, truck drivers, workers in the collective road transport of urban and long-distance passengers, port workers and the population deprived of their liberty. and adolescents and young people under socio-educational measures.