Government of the Atlantic highlights indigenous ancestral medicine

Joining the commemoration International Day of Indigenous Peoplesthe Government of the Atlantic, through the Department of Ethnic Affairs, prepared a week that includes a virtual agenda with a varied schedule.

The Governor of the Atlantic, Elsa Nogueramaintained that one of the purposes of his administration is to recognize and highlight the work carried out by ancestral doctors, also known as medicine men and healers, who transmit their knowledge from generation to generation.

It is a source of joy to be able to commemorate with our indigenous people this week, in which we recognize the courage, strength and tenacity of our heroes of the past who, without a doubt, did a lot for our country. Today history recognizes that effort and, therefore, we want to honor and thank what they represent to the world. The doors of this administration are always open for you”, he added.

Luis Fernando Cassianimanager of ethnic issuesrecalled that Colombia is a multiethnic and multicultural country, and highlighted the presence in the Atlantic of the ethnic groups represented by the original Mokaná peoples and others who have arrived such as Incas, Zenú, Kankuamos, among others.

He took the opportunity to invite this August 9 from 10:30 am to the Facebook Live of the Government of the Atlantic for a conversation in which the importance of ancestral medicine in the indigenous peoples of the department will be highlighted “for the cure of the spiritual, the emotionally and physically,” he noted.

The traditional doctor of the Kaamash Hu chapter, Jill Machado Perez, It offers cures for different diseases through the plants that it plants in its patio, such as aloe vera, lemon balm, ginger, arnica, and basil.

He explains that this knowledge is transmitted to the little ones about how to plant them, how to take care of them, how to use them and how to respect Mother Nature.

We prepare these natural medicines that we have for ourselves and also for those who request us.”, he added.