Government Savings Bank provides loans for the People’s Bank project, borrowing up to 200,000, paying installments for 8 years.

Application details


1. having one of the following qualifications:
– Being a small entrepreneur, such as a trader, a service provider and a consumer goods manufacturer for sale
– A person with regular income, such as a government official, military, police, employees of government agencies, state enterprises or private companies with regular salary

2. Being a natural person, of Thai nationality, having attained the age of 20 years or more and when combining the borrower’s age with the loan repayment period must not exceed 60 years. In the event that the borrower is less than 20 years of age, the parents must provide a letter of consent for the preparation of a legal contract.

3. Be a resident of course can contact

4. There is definitely a place to work/residence

5. Open a call deposit account at the branch applying for the loan.

6. Not being an employee, employee, executive or director of the Government Savings Bank.

7. Must not be a multi-purpose community organization development loan (individual)

Loan collateral Can use any type of collateral as follows:

1. In the case of using a personal guarantor The guarantor must have the following qualifications:

– Aged 20 years or more and when combining the age of the guarantor with the loan repayment period, it must not exceed 60 years.
– Definitely a resident can contact
– Not an employee of the Government Savings Bank
– Guarantee the borrower not more than 2 contracts, when combined with all contracts, it must not exceed 200,000 baht.

Terms and Conditions

1. The loan amount is not more than 50,000 baht, is the person that the bank trusts. or is a professional and earns of course From 9,000 baht per month or more, not less than 1 person

1.1 Loan amount from 50,001 -200,000 baht
– Be the person the bank trusts or is a professional and earns of course From 9,000 baht per month or more, not less than 2 people
– Be a professional and earn a certain From 20,000 baht per month or more, not less than 1 person

2. Other types of collateral belonging to the borrower or other person who agrees to use it as collateral, such as real estate in the type of land with buildings. Vacant land or apartment Land that is a garden, a farm, a paddy field located in a prosperous community, with electricity and basic utilities as necessary. and has a public utility which can easily enter and exit to be accepted as collateral for 100 percent of the appraised value However, the guarantor must not be the owner of the loan collateral under the same loan agreement.

3. Business collateral specified as collateral as follows:

– Certificate Leasehold rights of stalls/shops that can be changed hands to be accepted as collateral for not more than 80% of the value of the certificate Leasehold used as collateral

– Vehicles used in business to accept as collateral for not more than 95% of the purchase price including accessories attached to the vehicle and does not exceed the bank’s appraised value whichever is lower In the case of a used vehicle Calculate the appraised value for 70 percent of the used vehicle’s appraised value.

Thank you Government Savings Bank