Government Signs Stop Building Coal Power Plant Projects

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Arifin Tasrif hinted that he would stop the construction of a steam power plant (PLTU) coal. This signal is reflected in the national energy policy that switches from fossil energy to new and renewable energy.EBT).

“The construction of a new PLTU is no longer an option unless it is currently committed and in the construction stage. This is also to open up opportunities and large enough space for the development of EBT,” said Arifin, Tuesday (5/10).

In the 2021-2030 electricity supply business plan (RUPTL), Arifin explained that PT PLN (Persero) would only add fossil energy plants in the next 10 years by 19.6 gigawatts or 48.4 percent.

Meanwhile, PLN will add a larger NRE-based generating capacity, reaching 20.9 gigawatts or 51.6 percent. In total, PLN will increase its generating capacity by about 40.5 gigawatts from fossil and NRE.

To accelerate the addition, the government will open the role of a private power company or independent power producer (IPP) for the development of EBT-based power plants.

Arifin claimed that the direction of the national energy policy was in line with Indonesia’s commitment to the Paris Agreement, namely reducing greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the national determined contribution (NDC) by 2030 by 29 percent with its own capabilities and 41 percent with international support.

“Currently the commitment to tackle climate change is being addressed with a road map towards net zero emissions,” he added

However, the government faces various challenges to achieve net zero emissions. One of them is providing electricity from low-carbon energy sources.

This commitment, he added, had an impact on the government’s obligation to reduce the dominance of fossils, especially coal in the power generation sector.

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