Government warns: hang up immediately if a robot voice calls you

©  Jimmy Kets

SafeonWeb, the government’s cybersecurity service, warns against robocalls. Those are phone calls with pre-recorded messages or robot voices. The goal is always the same: trying to steal your data to scam you.


Sunday 26 June 2022 at 17:40

“Recently we have been receiving more reports of robocalls, automatically generated telephone calls, often from abroad. If you are called by a robocall, you will hear a pre-recorded message or a robot voice. You will also be asked several times to choose a number to continue. Never respond to such messages. They are scammers,” SafeonWeb warns.

A woman who was called testified: “I got a call from a number from Spain (+34). According to a recorded message, I was involved in a case of identity theft and money laundering. After a conversation with a woman, she called herself Catherine Wagner, I was put through to another person. He called himself George Myra. Since I asked how I could know if he was really from the police or Europol, as he claimed, he called me back with the number from The Hague, where Europol is located. Then he called me with a Spanish number. During the conversation, people asked, among other things, the last three digits of my national register number, which bank I was with and how many accounts I had.”

Fortunately, the woman gave no further information and interrupted the conversation.

Suspicious call

“If you get a suspicious call that seems to come from the police or a government agency because they want to warn you about a problem with your bank card and then ask for your personal details, don’t answer it. Disconnect as soon as possible,” said SafeonWeb’s spokesperson.

A good piece of advice from the federal police is that if you do not expect a call from abroad and you are called by a foreign number, hang up quickly. Or just don’t take the call. And don’t ever call back. “Often they let the phone ring just once. If you call back, you usually end up on an expensive foreign line.”