Government’s continued vengeance – Budapest Newspaper

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The government continues its campaign of revenge against Budapest.

Instead of helping the capital and the city districts, it is cutting the funds further, said Csaba Horváth, parliamentary group leader of the Budapest MSZP and mayor of the Zugló district, at a press conference in connection with the meeting of the capital city council on Wednesday. The cut in business tax by half means losses of 17 billion forints for all of Budapest within two years. With this money z. B. several hundred social housing will be built or the construction of the biodome will be finished. The Budapesters pay 20 billion forints into the state treasury every day. If they only got 2% back, the capital could maintain public lighting, local transport and the social network. The government shows no signs of willingness to cooperate. Fidesz has lost every election in the capital; this will be the case again next spring. The Budapesters must respond to this injustice by expressing their dissatisfaction with their voice, said Horváth.

Photo: MTI / Zoltán Balogh

At their meeting on Wednesday, the capital city decided, among other things, on the purchase of new trolley buses and development programs. From the end of 2022, low-floor trolleybuses will be introduced in Budapest, and a total of 48 new Solaris vehicles will be available for local transport by the end of 2023. IF Gregory Christmas informed that the purchase of the bus would be financed with a loan from the EIB. As part of the integrated regional program, the capital could receive funding of 60 + 26 billion forints from the EU for infrastructure development and social programs. With this money, the citizens want to set up a housing agency and implement the “healthy streets” program with green spaces and public parks.