Dr. Abdel Aziz Qanswa, Governor of Alexandria, held a meeting Tuesday with members of the House of Representatives and officials of the Directorate of Education to discuss the problems of the educational process and schools and discuss ways of solving them as soon as possible.

He emphasized that the educational process and attention to it is the basis of building and progressing any country. The students are the hope of Egypt and its future, so it is necessary to provide all the appropriate atmosphere for the educational process to promote them, which comes in cooperation among all, and make maximum efforts to achieve this.

The governor, from the deputies, referred to all the problems facing the schools, the most important of which were the high numbers of students and the inability of teachers in some subjects, especially in remote places such as Amiriya and Burj Al Arab. Some schools needed maintenance and renovations, Which schools need, such as seats, laboratory equipment, and other teaching aids.

He pointed out that a committee has been set up to deal with the file of education, with the participation of university professors, education, civil society and all concerned parties. The committee is specialized in studying the needs of schools to develop them. Thirty schools were selected at the level of educational departments to arrive at the model. Al-Thaghr schools, noting that the completion of the construction of 40 schools, the study begins with the beginning of the new school year, which will contribute greatly to solving the problems of the educational process, in addition to 62 schools, is being completed and approved the establishment and development.


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