Governor of Meta denounces threats from deforestation mafias I Colombia today

Miguel Botache Santillana, alias ‘Gentil Duate‘, commander of the FARC dissidents, would be forging a plan to attack the governor of Meta, Juan Guillermo Zuluaga.

The president himself was in charge of ratifying the information. Zuluaga pointed out that a military intelligence report delivered to the Minister of Defense, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, corroborated suspicions about a possible attempt on his life.

“The military intelligence, through some interceptions and information from various sources, managed to determine that ‘Gentil Duarte’, who is at the head of the FARC dissidents in Meta, He is very uncomfortable with our positions and with the work we have been doing; because of that he created the plan to attempt against our life“Zuluaga said.

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The governor assured that, although he does not know much about the details of the report, It has been determined that members of that organization are contacting hitmen in Medellín and Cali to fulfill that purpose.

Zuluaga believes that the plan to assassinate him could be motivated by the offensive that has been taking place to stop deforestation in the south of Meta, where, according to the president, more than 200,000 hectares of forests have already been cut down, antipersonnel mines have been reburied and illicit crops have proliferated again.

The Sierra de la Macarena continues to be one of the most deforested protected areas in the country. Photo: Mauricio Ochoa Suárez / Semana.

Argument shared by Colonel Gustavo Berdugo, commander of the Meta Police, who also believes that the order to silence the governor forever is due to the onslaught against deforestation, illicit crops and extortion. “There we have struck forceful blows against these criminal structures ”, commented.

Despite the threats, The president said that he will continue fighting so that the department of Meta does not continue to be deforested. “This cannot not continue to be a territory of drug trafficking; we are not going to allow extortion to reign, that kidnapping and antipersonnel mines return. We are going to continue confronting that with all force,” he said.

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He assured that all the necessary measures are already being taken to strengthen his security, but affirmed that he will not stop visiting every corner of the department. “I am not a desktop ruler, I am from territory”, said Zuluaga, who assured that Meta cannot have any site banned for anyone.

“We are going to continue working hand in hand with the Military Forces, the Police, with the leadership of President Duque and the Minister of Defense (…). We are going to prevent, at all costs, that they seize the territory, because here there is only one way, as the minister said: accelerate because this war must be won “, he pointed out.

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El Meta is the second most deforested department in Colombia. In 2019 alone, 26,061 hectares were deforested in that region of the country and municipalities such as La Mararena (11,049 hectares), Mapiripán (8,228 hectares) and Vista Hermosa (2,424 hectares) are part of the towns where the action of the chainsaw produced the greatest loss of forests, according to recently delivered deforestation monitoring results for him Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (Ideam).


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