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Goya 2020: All the facts and history of the Goya Awards



Spanish cinema lives this Saturday its great night. Mlaga hosts the 34th edition of the Goya Awards, a gala that is the third to be held outside of Madrid, after having passed through Barcelona and Seville. Like last year, the ceremony will be presented by actress and comedian Slvia Abril and the comedian, presenter and producer Andreu Buenafuente.


This year’s is a special edition because the two most outstanding Spanish directors of the current scenario will be measured:Alejandro Amenbar, in front of‘While the war lasts’; YPedro Almodvar, with‘Pain and glory’. With 17 and 16 nominations respectively, they compete with each other for 14 statuettes, including Best Film, Best Direction and Best Original Screenplay.

Although the two directors have met twice more in the Goya,there has never been a duel between them in so many categoriesas in this edition, and only in 2005 both simultaneously opted for the Best Film award.

On those two occasions the films directed by Amenbar were clearly imposed on those of the Manchego director. Of the prizes that were disputed among themselves in the different categories, Amenbar won in six and Almodvar only in one.

Regarding their work as directors,both have been awarded twice with the Goya for Best Direction, although Amenbar got another award for Best New Director for ‘Thesis’ in 1997.


In addition to‘While the war lasts’Y‘Pain and glory’, three more works compete for the Goya for Best Film. Is about‘The infinite trench’, from the Guipuzcoan directors Aitor Arregi, Jon Garao and Jose Mari Goenaga;‘Outdoor’by Benito Zambrano; Y‘What burns (Or burns)’by Oliver Laxe.

Among the five accumulate 57 nominations. Looking at previous editions,It is very common that the film that wins the Best Film Award has also been nominated for Best Direction and Best Original Screenplay. In response to statistics, ‘Weathering’ will start with the greatest disadvantage by not having any of these two ‘talism nominations’.


Since the first edition of the Goya Awards took place on March 17, 1987, 33 films have been awarded the Best Film Award. The tape that premiered this award was‘The journey to nowhere’, directed byFernando Fernn Gmez, in the 1987 edition. The last Goya in this category was for‘Champions’fromJavier Fesserin 2019.

‘Mar Ino’, by Amenbar, barri at the 2005 ceremonywhen he took 14 of the 15 statuettes he chose. No other tape, before or after, has managed to match this number of awards.

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Historically, the winning films of the Best Film Award have had an average of11 nominations.‘Loneliness’, in 2008, I challenged this rule by raising the statuette with only three nominations. On the opposite side,‘Das counted’He arrived at the ceremony with 19 nominations.

At the box office, the winner with more viewers in the year of its premiere was‘The others’, fromAlejandro Amenbar, with 6,410,561 spectators. Conversely,‘Living is easy with your eyes closed’, fromDavid Trueba, it was the one that received the least reception among the public, with 105,262 spectators.

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Pedro Almodvar, Alejandro Amenbar and Fernando Truebathey are the only directors who can presume to have directedthree winning works by Goya for Best Film, although none of the three have triumphed in this category for more than a decade.Now you can get rid of this triple tieif ‘While the war lasts’ or ‘Pain and glory’ end the night with the statuette.

Regarding the stars of the big screen, the most successful actresses areCarmen MauraYVernica Forqu, with four Goya each.Penlope Cruz and Maribel VerdThey are the most nominated actresses. Both were tied at 11 until Cruz’s candidacy was known for‘Pain and glory’for the edition of this year.

As for them, the actor with ms Goya isJavier Bardem, which has five. The most nominated actor isAntonio de la Torre. Malagueo has been a candidate 14 times, the vast majority in the last eight years. In four editions I went to the gala with two nominations under my arm. This year comes with one for his role in‘The infinite trench’.


Source:Ministry of Culture, Goya Awards and own elaboration.

Illustration:Emilio Amade.

Infographic:Elsa Martn, Maite Vaquero and Alberto Hernndez.

Documentation:Isabel Gonzlez, Maite Vaquero and Alberto Hernndez.

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