Goya Toledo: “I still do not rule out motherhood”

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I don’t want shoes, I want to walk barefoot. I need to touch the ground, step on the ground. It was Goya Toledo’s reaction after his first visit to a hospital for children with cancer. That had to do with the filming of the movie ‘Maktub’, by Paco Arango. “The children were in their beds, but there were also clowns and the mothers kept smiling. They struggled to fill sadness with happiness and that changed my schemes, ”recalls the actress. Today Goya is an ambassador for cosmetics firm Kiehl’s and assiduous collaborator of their solidarity campaigns. Among them, ‘Round smiles’, which has raised more than 42,000 euros for the Juegaterapia Foundation. “With that money,” the actress says, “they will build the ‘Garden of my Hospi’ at the Niño Jesús hospital in Madrid, to improve the lives of the small cancer patients admitted there.”

“Extreme situations awaken facets within you that you didn’t even know.” The protagonist of a film as intense as ‘Dog Loves’ says it. With an important part of «Suffering» and «a good comic dose», as she herself claims, this kind, accessible and stylishly famous Lanzarote, inaugurated in September her half century of life and recognizes with laughter that … «Of course I have noticed! But I’m about to put on a club of ‘Let’s enjoy!’ He who says he does not feel the passage of time is that he is from another planet ». Goya has entered with good foot. He is recording a series for Atresmedia about the life and death of Cristina Ortiz, ‘La Veneno’, directed by ‘Los Javis’. «I had been told very well about them, but they have exceeded all my expectations. They are wonderful. They have a lot of confidence, they listen, they connect, they know how to look … On the set you have a great respect for them. And with how young they are! I predict a brutal future », the actress ventures.

Toledo has also left its mark one more year on the red carpet of the Goya, where usually tops the list of the best dressed. This time his choice included transparencies, brightness and even pockets. Also a kind of chiffon cape that came out of the back instead of tail … «I bet on putting on something that feels good to me and that I like. If you wear what they recommend, then you fail. I always say that I want a long, gala suit and with which I can run … The dress should never cover the person. But it is not always right ». It says Penelope Cruz’s best friend, and his most recent stylist. Under the brand ‘Gregoria Stylist’, Goya is credited with choosing Ralph and Russo’s blooming modeling, which Pe wore at the last gala.

Life in Hollywood

Very sporty, disciplined, enemy of skins and animal abuse, and ‘almost’ vegetarianGregoria Micaela Toledo Machín has a remarkable career as an actress behind her. But he clarifies: «If I look back sometimes I think that I may have missed some opportunities. My ambition is limited. I have never put the professional before the personal, which for me is the true pillar of my life ». He maintained a sound romance with the French actor Olivier Martínez and currently is married to rocker Craig Ross, guitarist of Lenny Kravitz, which forces her to live between Madrid and Los Angeles. “In Hollywood there can be a lot of frivolity, but I live oblivious to all that, I lead a totally family life,” he says.

«About be a mother I have it very clear, ”said Goya in 2012. Today he continues to think alike. «I still do not rule out motherhood. And age … It’s how you feel. If you have the energy, you can adopt. But I think that if in a year or two it doesn’t happen I will make a decision », he declares without going into more details.

Used to transoceanic flights to the point of considering the planes “a place to think”, the actress tells that she was at a friend’s house when she heard a noise, looked out and saw the Air Canada plane flying very low. Goya tries to imagine his reaction as passing in a similar situation. «Four hours up there waiting for a forced landing … I’m dying, and I’m not afraid to fly. I wouldn’t ask for a ‘gin and tonic’ – it is accurate – because I don’t drink. I would try to breathe, relax and I do not think that I would fall into hysteria because I have already experienced a panic situation due to tremendous turbulence and my curious reaction was to forget myself and reassure the person who was next to me, who was going through fatal”.



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