GPSC aims to pin down renewable energy ‘India-Taiwan-Vietnam’ added

according to the investment strategy of Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited or GPSC is to be Flagship’ (Flagship) in actionelectric business’ of the group PTT Public Company Limited or PTT to support business growth by seeking more investment opportunities in power plant projects both domestically and internationally and is committed to the development of the energy storage system business To become a leading global innovation and sustainability power company

‘Titipong Chulapornsiridee’ Chief Financial Officer Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited or GPSC give an exclusive interview ‘Krungthep Turakij Newspaper’ that in line with the business plan for the next 10 years (2021-2030), the company wants to increase production capacity in the business. Renewable energy’ (Renewable) touches 8,000 megawatts. (MW) ! which is divided into the first 5 years (2021-2025) to the target of production capacity of 4,000 megawatts before

With energy projects in the country, there are restrictions on new project expansions. And this is the reason and effect of the company’s decision to invest in 2 renewable energy projects abroad, reflected through the investment in solar energy’ (Solar Farm) in India and offshore wind power (Offshore Wind) In Taiwan, the total value is over 30 billion baht. which investment in renewable energy 2 places makeThe production capacity of renewable energy has increased to 2,294 MW or accounted for 34% of the total capacity of 6,761 MW

by investing in solar power plants in India 41.6 % shareholding In Avaada Energy Private Limited (Avaada), with a capacity of 3,744 megawatts, worth 14.8 billion baht, which is about 1,392 megawatts of power plants already in commercial operation (COD) and 2,352 megawatts under construction. will gradually COD within 2021-2022 and Avaada aims to expand production to 11,000 megawatts in 2025

‘The company will be able to recognize the results of the investment immediately this year. Due to the completion of the share acquisition process in the third quarter and expected next year to recognize a profit from investment in proportion to the shareholding of 41.6%, approximately 1,000 million baht’

However, investment potential in India has continued to grow. reflected through the last Avaada recently licensed a new solar farm in India with 200 MW of additional capacity. and is expected to have the opportunity to enter the auction for more licenses According to the direction of the growth rate of electricity consumption in India that continues to increase. Because it has a population of more than 1.3 billion, including the Indian government, there is a policy to promote clean energy as well.

While the offshore wind power project in Taiwan (Offshore Wind) accounts for 25% of the shares with a total capacity of 595 megawatts worth 16 billion baht, the share acquisition process is expected to be completed in 2022 and is expected to be accepted. Know the profits come in immediately

The investment in the project caused by the intention of the company in order to need partners who can extend cooperation from joint investments to increase investment value continuously In the case of collaborating with CI-II and CI-III under the management of Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), a leading fund management company from Denmark. and is a global expert in the development of offshore wind power projects. as well as the development of other renewable energy projects around the world.

As a result, in the future, the Company has the opportunity to study investments with CIP in investing in renewable energy both in the form of offshore wind energy. or other types of renewable energy In other countries, not only in Taiwan, because CIP looks at global investment. by foreign groups that are the company’s investment targets such as India , Taiwan , Vietnam etc. Other countries Just look at the rhythm and the opportunity to come in the future. In addition to investing in Thailand

As for the investment, the company has a credit line from the parent company (PTT) in the amount of 20 billion baht and uses the company’s cash flow, which each year will have cash in about 20 billion baht, which investments in both projects ( India-Taiwan) about 30 billion baht will come from loans from PTT. 15 billion baht and another 15 billion baht will be the limit from the company’s own cash flow. In which initially the investment has no plan to increase capital. But in the future, if there is a large investment project such as an acquisition (takeover) of Glow Energy Company Limited (GLOW) with a value of 100 billion baht At that time it may be worth considering again.



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