Grab lay off Employees, the Following List has a generous severance package

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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Grab take a step Termination (LAYOFFS) to 360 employees. CEO and Co Founder of Grab Anthony Tan explained that the decision was taken because of pressure of business in the middle of a pandemic virus corona.

The decision of LAYOFF is delivered to employees affected directly through electronic mail (email) at 12.00 PM, Sunday (16/6) after previously communicated to all employees through townhall virtual.

He also apologized and expressed his gratitude to the 360 employees affected because have contribute in building Grab. “To those who are affected, we owe a further explanation to You,” said Tan in his letter to employees, Thursday (16/6).

However, Tan admitted that he would provide financial support, professional, medical, and emotional employees affected.

Among other things, a severance payment in the form of a salary and a half months for each 6 month period of employment or based on regulations, which will be selected a larger amount.

Then, the additional payment which has been increased equivalent to 1.5 months salary on top of the severance payment. “As additional help during the crisis covid-19 this and a bonus for work performed in the year 2020,” he explained.

Then, waiver of annual cliffs to provide equity with the aim that more employees go as a shareholder.

Tan continue coverage of health insurance also will be given until the end of the year or the granting of cash equivalent, so that the employees affected can get the peace of mind in through the uncertain times of this.

For employees affected women who are pregnant can convert annual leave which is not used become money. Meanwhile, those who have not been using annual leave can convert the leave with the money or credit GrabFlex that have not been used.

Grab also provide support for career transition and development for the employees affected in the form of support placement of the work of a team of Talent Acquisition Grab and making the Talent Directory that allows on candidates for recruiters and companies to contact the employee affected.

As emotional support, the employee affected can continue to access the Grabber Assistance Program for three months from the date last worked.

“Lastly, You can choose to still have Your laptop to help in the search for the next adventure,” added Tan.

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