Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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Grand Poitiers, in the center of the deliberations of the municipal

many Of the deliberations of the council of 20 December last year have concerned the articles of association, the transfer of skills and roads-public lighting on the first of January 2018, and the awards of compensation for the new Urban Community in 40 municipalities. These 3-point, presented by Alain Tanguy, are approved by the board.
> Transfer. 2 agents are integrated to the urban community as at January 1, following a report to the technical committee and the joint administrative committee.
> Closed Hummingbirds. Two ways yet without a name “are now called” street of the Finches and the rue des Etourneaux.
> Investment. The general code of territorial communities provides the opportunity to engage in investment spending in the limit of a quarter of the appropriations in the previous budget. The sums generated will be allocated to the equipment of the town hall, municipal shops, schools and canteens, of the land acquisitions, the environment and the urban furniture, the buildings of the school groups, a theatre of greenery, the space rives de boivre, the road or the mill, for example.
> Create post. The venue manager “Rives de Boivre” has asserted his rights to retirement to 2018, and recruitment was organized. An officer holder in the grade of Technical Assistant territorial has been selected. The current ruler being the grade of technical assistant’s primary 1 class, it is therefore necessary to open a position at the rank of the staff member.
> LGV 86. The city supports the action of the association Coordination LGV86 and participates in the information meetings and coordination. It is proposed to join the association and pay the annual membership fee fixed at€ 100 for 2017. Members seeking elsewhere a subsidy outstanding of€ 400 in order to allow for the financing of a campaign of acoustic measurements. Joël Michelin says ” it is advisable to clarify that it is the intercommunal association of elected officials because there is also a coordination of associations “.

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