Grandchild scam via Whatsapp in Kaufbeuren successful – 34-year-old from Lamerdingen cheated twice

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Created: 11.05.2022Updated: 05/11/2022 2:57 p.m


Symbolic photo © dpa/ Fabian Sommer

Kaufbeuren/district – The police again received some reports of fraud via digital media. The booming scam of grandchildren tricks via Whatsapp continues to bring criminals a lot of money. They made a woman from Kaufbeuren their victim on Monday, police reports. Ultimately, the injured party transferred a four-digit amount to the perpetrators. A woman from Buchloe was also relieved of her money by scammers.

The fraud victim from Kaufbeuren was contacted by an unknown perpetrator with an unknown number via the Whatsapp messenger service. The scammer pretended to be the son of the recipient. He also claimed to be in financial distress, which is why the mother should transfer money. The woman, believing she was helping her actual son, transferred a four-digit euro amount to the scammers, according to the police.

Supposed heir and supposed lover

A 34-year-old woman has been the victim of fraud twice since the beginning of the year. An alleged lawyer promised her a high inheritance via a social media platform. In advance, he requested the transfer of a fee of 1,000 euros. The injured party from Lamerdingen transferred the amount, but did not receive the alleged inheritance. In the second case, an American actor allegedly fell in love with her, also via a social media platform. He demanded 3,000 euros from the injured party for a plane ticket. In this case, too, the 34-year-old responded. That’s what the police report.

The Buchloer officials are now investigating fraud.

“Hello mom, I need money”

On Tuesday, a 64-year-old woman from Emmenhausen near Waal allegedly received a message from her son via a messenger app with the wording: “Hello mom, I need money”. Due to a short-term emergency, the mother was asked to settle several bills by bank transfer for her supposed son.

According to the police, asking her real son exposed the attempted fraud. The 64-year-old did not transfer and informed the Buchloer police.

Wrong Microsoft worker

An alleged Microsoft employee called a 68-year-old man from Buchloe several times on Tuesday. Presumably the caller wanted access to the called party’s computer. However, the man already knew the widespread scam from the media and ended the talks. He then filed a criminal complaint, police said.