Grande-Synthe: the death of a Kurdish girl causes the anger of migrants


A two-year-old Kurdish girl, whose family is staying in Grande-Synthe, died yesterday in Belgium in a van carrying migrants intercepted by police officers. They opened fire on the vehicle to stop but according to the parquet of Mons, it is not the shooting that caused the death of the child. Thirty people including 26 adults , all of Kurdish origin, traveled in the van. The child died in the ambulance that took him to the hospital. This pursuit race took place between Namur and Maisières, a suburb of Mons, Belgium.

An autopsy was performed
An autopsy of the girl was underway on Thursday night to determine the exact circumstances of her death. The Belgian judicial authorities evoke three possible causes of his death : a disease, an accident related to the behavior of the driver of the van-the head of the child could for example hit a wall of the vehicle- or a blow to the child.
Spontaneous action in Grande-Synthe
This tragic news provoked a mobilization in Grande-Synthe. U sixty or so migrants have cut the traffic of the A16 this Thursday in the early afternoon causing several kilometers of traffic jams. Police forces evacuated the migrants in order to restore traffic while some 20 people were arrested. Six of them were in custody Thursday night, for “obstruction of traffic”, according to the floor of Dunkerque.


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