Granowo. A bird’s nest in a corroded truck trailer. The driver has lost his registration certificate

The inspectors of the Provincial Road Transport Inspectorate in Poznań stopped two trucks for inspection. Both were overloaded. But that wasn’t what amazed the inspectors the most. As they report, the trailer of one of them was so corroded that the birds formed a nest in it.

Inspectors of the Provincial Road Transport Inspectorate in Poznań stopped two trucks for inspection in Granowo. Both transported wooden elements and an underlay for animals.

After weighing, it turned out that the load of a single drive axle of the first vehicle was 13.7 tons, i.e. 2.2 tons more than the permissible weight. In the second truck, the load was also heavier than it should have been. It weighed 12.5 tons, while the allowed weight was 11.5 tons.

– Administrative proceedings were initiated against entrepreneurs, which were punishable by a fine of PLN 16,000 – informs Piotr Laskowski, spokesman of WITD in Poznań.


The birds have made a nest in the frame of the trailerWITD Poznań

The frame was completely corroded

But it was not the heavy weight that surprised the inspectors the most, but the condition of the trailer. – Inspectors noticed excessive corrosion of the frame with visible holes and corroded parts falling off it. There was even a bird’s nest in one of the cavities – reports Laskowski.

And this is not the end. The truck’s tires and brake discs were also worn and damaged. The inspectors detained the driver’s registration certificate.

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– An additional administrative proceeding was initiated against the entrepreneur for the total amount of PLN five thousand. Separate proceedings will be conducted against the person managing the transport. The drivers were forbidden to continue driving until the violations were removed – said Laskowski.

Main photo source: WITD Poznań