Grapperhaus threatens: ”Then that club can get points deduction”

The football supporters are causing a headache in The Hague. There have been disturbances at many matches in recent weeks. Minister of Justice and Security Ferdinand Grapperhaus wants to tackle those fans very hard. That could also be bad news for the clubs.

The minister wants the reins to be tightened and that the government bans competitions if things are not in order. He also sees a point in deductions for misbehaving supporters: “If a club does not have its finances in order, it can be deducted points. Then it should also be possible if the safety is not in order,” he says in the statement. General Newspaper.

‘Smart’ cameras will soon be installed in all stadiums that recognize the faces of rioters, so that more supporters can be caught if they misbehave. In addition, the cabinet wants hooligans with a stadium ban and a reporting obligation to prove via an app on their phone that they are not near the stadium or city center. “We are working on making the system fraud-free, because it cannot be the case that people give the telephone to their wife, who then sits in the hair salon for two hours,” says Grapperhaus.