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Great debate: the "at the same time" of the French

A young worker in Haute-Saône, a trader, struggled with his two felt a night of great debate. On one side, the fatalism: the initiative to make speak of the French comes from above, which necessarily hides a wolf starting from the postulate that Macron is the king of the predators. Admittedly, notes are taken for a restitution, but who certifies that they will arrive at the Palace? And then, in what state will arrive the grievance and the solution that the quidam proposes to the elite? The boy smiled.

On the other hand, pragmatism: people tell stories, sometimes very well-documented, and it pleases him. There is flesh and noise. It changes the joke, alone at home, manufactured and balanced in 50 paragraphs on Facebook or elsewhere, with three exclamation points and four smileys. We learn about others, we talk face to face, we gossip about realities unknown to his own soil. We make appointments for later, we relativize the quagmire or, we become aware of its magnitude.

The hypothesis of Daniel Thomas, local leader of a LREM committee in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, is as follows: "The President has recreated the coffee trade." Yellow jackets crossed here and there in France attach to this assertion a big asterisk: it is despite all the servers of Macron who are behind the counter, even if they swore to remain neutral. The site listing the places and dates of the debates between January 15 and March 15 does not tell the opposite. The organizers were also, most of the time, walkers or sympathizers. And the news revealing, among other things, half-processed data for restitution, cool the kawa.

Abstract region

We had about fifteen meetings this winter and the course was regularly the same. The average French, never the most deprived and often the very gray hair, unrolled a part of his life or that of a neighbor microphone in hand. He is not cut, he is listened to, he finishes even applauded according to the rooms. At the end of these speeches, one falls down, to reach out well, on another two-headed feeling.

On the one hand, resignation. In some remote villages, it is already acquired by many participants that Paris is an abstract country in which a language derived from the UFO is practiced. Otherwise, the central power would not cut public services with a blindfold and a long sword. Or, he would not declare war on pollution on the territory by removing life from areas where bus schedules could be stuck on a post-it. From there, the French microphone in hand did not necessarily wait for dedication of the Elysee days of restitution.

On the other hand, there is the positive thinking that flows from it. Instead, one should put one's strength at the local level and measure what can be done to get out of the usual way. Like transcending its municipal council, its canton or its community of agglo. In Saint-Jeures (Haute-Loire), for example, a great debate resulted in 67 proposals, and 19 of them concerned local life.

In the suburbs of Paris, yellow vests and debaters of a day ensure much more excited by the election of the mayor in a year that the adventures of government or even the presidential future. Back to basics, they swear: before demanding accountability to a president of the Republic, the average citizen must reclaim and get their hands on local democracy, that which is cultivated under its own window and which, sometimes, kidding at full pot.

Borders of the intimate

Philippe Lemaire, retired attorney and observer appointed by the prefecture, conducted a tour of these meetings in the North. In Wasquehal, he nodded as one of the participants, five-year-old bald, recounted his vacation for ecology. One day, he refused to buy gasoline from Total on principle – not to enrich a crazy polluter. His car finally fell out, with the whole family inside. The ex-magistrate, with his little notebook and his pen, was almost sure of it even before the beginning of the discussions: it is not so much the proposed solutions that make the salt of the exercise, but the stories with the "I" , at the borders of the intimate. He says that the French have a very simple need, which for some people they have repressed. Speak, talk to each other

Ramses Kefi



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