Great Debt Collector VS Ojol Baku Fist in Sawah Besar, Helmet Flying – Viral, clashes between debt collectors vs ojol in Sawah Besar, lots of flying helmets.

There was a riot between the debt collector and the viral ojol of social media.

Launching from, a commotion from debt collectors and a number of ojol occurred in the Mangga Besar Highway area, Sawah Besar, Central Jakarta.

The commotion occurred on Tuesday (6/7/2021) at around 17.00 WIB.

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This clash immediately went viral on social media and was uploaded to the Instagram account @jktinfo.

In the video upload, ojol can be seen arguing with debt collectors.

Some ojol also threw their helmets towards debt collectors.

The video also shows several motorcycle taxi drivers chasing debt collectors and beating them.