Great opportunity can be created…at Money Expo

Today, “Ms. Pharuay” would like to invite investors and interested parties. Come and visit the SET booth at Money Expo 2022, which will take place between 12-15 May 65 at Challenger Hall 2–3, Impact Muang Thong Thani.

In this event, the Stock Exchange of Thailand raises knowledge as well as various tools to serve investors and the general public with satisfaction Ensuring that the participants will receive useful content meet the needs Definitely stick to the stick back.

The main theme of this year’s SET booth is “#investnow. Invest today, good opportunities can be created”. Investors can open an investment account, invest in stocks or funds, all online easily, conveniently and quickly.

In addition, the SET has also brought tools to enhance financial knowledge and investment for participants to try. Whether it’s a financial management application Happy Money App to create savings and check your own financial health, financial knowledge quiz SET Fin Quizz to know the level of knowledge and services that match own needs

and SET e-Learning, a free online course that is packed with focused knowledge. with reputable and qualified teachers Plus, after completing the course, there is also a certificate. to help fill the knowledge of the learners and develop yourself to be a quality investor

As for the “creatable opportunity” segment, investors will also find interesting content, such as gradual savings. Create opportunities to make millions, saving funds, starting at one hundred, Point to Invest, locking credit card targets that can change points can be exchanged for funds as well as increasing investment opportunities in foreign stocks through the Thai Stock Exchange.

“Mr. Pharuay” believes that those who visit the SET booth In addition to getting a full knowledge of each other, it is important that we get to know ourselves. have clearer financial goals Able to plan savings and investments to match the goals set It will also help inspire you to move forward and make your goals a reality.

So, don’t miss this great opportunity. and meet at Booth K6, the Stock Exchange of Thailand from 10.00-20.00 hrs. May 12-15, 65 at Challenger Hall 2-3, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. You can find more details at

Mr. Pharuay